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Gaping Gill - Advice for Visitors

2017 Opening times 

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Download a printable pdf version of Advice for Visitors HERE

The winch will be open to the public for nine days:

From Saturday 19th to Sunday 27th August

First descent of the day will be at approximatly 9.00 am.

Please note that the winch will not be operating on Bank Holiday Monday (28th August)


We are unable to take advanced bookings. Book as soon as you arrive at Gaping Gill by visiting the tent next to the winch.


Please note that the winch has a fixed descent/ascent capacity of approx. twenty persons per hour which can result in extended waiting times

during busy periods. On booking you will be issued with a numbered wrist band and advised of your approximate descent time.

Winch Closed Sign

If we have to close the winch for any reason, a sign will be displayed at Ingleborough Show Cave for your information.

Please note that Ingleborough Show Cave is a separate attraction and is not connected in any way with the Gaping Gill Winch.

The show cave staff are not responsible for our decision to close the winch.

Descent Fee

£15 per person - inludes ascent!

Minimum Age

The minumum age is 7 years (descent is at the Co-ordinators discretion). All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The walk to Gaping Gill

Allow one and half hours for the walk from Clapham village to Gaping Gill via the Estate Nature Trail and Ingleborough Show Cave.


Only members of the Craven Pothole Club are permitted to camp at Gaping Gill. The landowner does not permit camping on the fell.

There are campsites and bunkhouses in the village of Clapham see: 

Toilet facilities

There are public toilets in Clapham village car park. Please note that there are no public toilets at Ingleborough Show Cave.

At Gaping Gill we provide basic toilet and hand washing facilities.

The Weather – will the winch be operating?

The weather is always going to be a consideration when contemplating a visit to Gaping Gill. Although we dam the stream to divert water

away from the Main Shaft and winch descent, prolonged heavy rain will inevitably bring winching to a temporary halt.

Even local forecasts are not always a reliable guide to predicting the weather at Gaping Gill, as Ingleborough Hill seems to have an ability

to generate its own weather system, and of course it can change in the time it takes to make your journey to the Dales and walk onto the fell. 








What To Wear

Hopefully it will be a grand day for your visit to Gaping Gill.  However, Gaping Gill is located on the open moor and the weather on the surface

can be very different to that in Clapham village.  We recommend you wear warm, waterproof clothing and boots/strong shoes – we do!

The ride on the winch takes about a minute each way and is often accompanied by spray from the nearby waterfall.

During busy periods you will queue to ascend in the chair, so you’ll need that warm clothing and waterproof.

Safety Helmet
We will provide you with a safety helmet.

We provide subdued lighting in some areas of the Main Chamber and our guides are equipped with lights, but please

bring a small hand torch or headlamp if you wish.

It’s well worth recording your visit for the family album and some fine pictures or video can be obtained using a hand held camera.

The Main Chamber always contains spray from the waterfall; so provide some means of protecting expensive equipment when it’s not in use.

There are no facilities to provide refreshments at Gaping Gill, so bring a packed lunch. There is a village store in Clapham

and refreshments can be obtained during opening hours at Ingleborough show cave on your walk up.

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