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View looking up Trow Gill Gaping Gill Winch Meet camp looking up Fell Beck in Flood View of the present day gantry and Gaping Gill from top of Shakehole The present day CPC winch About to descend
Gaping Gill main Shaft from the bottom Gaping Gill Main Chamber looking west Gaping Gill Main Chamber looking east Angels Wings, Car Pot The Straw Gallery in Whitsun Series
110' pitch in Bar Pot A stream passage in Gaping Gill Cloud Chamber, Disappointment Pot Hensler's Master Cave at junction with Disappointment Pot Old East Passage
Helictites in Gaping Gill system Cave Divers made the connection between Gaping Gill and Ingleborough Cave Early Motorised CPC Winch The original wooden gantry, circa 1932 Early gantry and chair
The CPC gantry and winch in the early 1970's The CPC winch in the early 1970's Survey of Gaping Gill - Ingleborough Cave system Cellar Gallery, Clapham Cave Lake Avernus, Clapham Cave
Streamway, Lake Avernus, Clapham Cave Second Gothic Arch, Clapham Cave
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