Welcome to the Craven Pothole Club


The CPC is based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales – one of the finest caving areas in the UK. We take part in a wide set of activities, including Caving and Potholing, Climbing, Walking and similar pursuits In fact we cater for almost all outdoor activities. We hold organised outdoor meets twice a month as well as informal trips organised by individuals. Novice members are always welcome, with about one third of our formal meets specifically catering for them.

We have a well appointed base is Horton-in-Ribblesdale, offering members and guests affordable accommodation with full cooking and drying facilities, in the heart of the Dales and close to a rail station. University and other caving / climbing clubs wishing to use our accommodation should contact the Cottage Warden for availability.

We also run the extremely popular Gaping Gill open meet in August, welcoming both cavers and non-cavers to the underground world of Ingleborough.

If you are interested in joining in any of these activities please contact our Membership Secretary.

If you wish to know more about the Gaping Gill meet go here.

Our WebCams showing river conditions on the Ribble and Brants Gill in Horton are live. Look in the Dales Weather section on the right.

Members - the draft 2019 AGM Minutes are now available in the members area. The Committee minutes are also now available there.


IVY COTTAGE may now ONLY be booked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday nights, and will remain CLOSED in sterile isolation on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights every week, for all NEW bookings from 1st December 2020. Existing bookings are unaffected.

The remaining rules issued in early August (see below) do not change. This rule change will stop the cottage being occasionally isolated at weekends following mid-week bookings, and maximise weekend availability. This change applies to IVY COTTAGE ONLY.


After lengthy discussion your Committee have agreed to re-open Ivy Cottage on a similar basis to Riverside. The following TEMPORARY rules will therefore apply to both cottages, and to the use of the car park.
We must stress that if you or a member of your household have any symptoms of coronavirus, or have been in contact with anyone that may have coronavirus please stay away from the Cottages. If you develop symptoms within 14 days of visiting the Cottages you must notify the Cottage Warden. Please do not visit the Cottages if you are not comfortable with the arrangements set out below.

1) IVY COTTAGE will re-open from FRIDAY 14th AUGUST under the following rules;
  1. All overnight bookings must be pre-booked via the Cottage Warden and pre-paid in full via bank transfer or cheque....no money is to be left in the Cottage Safe. The Cottage Bookings page on the club web-site will show the booked and free dates (Blue bar).
  2. At least one Member must be included in any booking.
  3. Bookings may be made for single or multiple nights, up to a MAXIMUM of 4 nights.
  4. Only ONE booking may be held by a member at any time.
  5. Priority of booking will be given to any VMC (Voluntary Meet Coordinator) if requested for the date(s) of their Club Meet.
  6. The following are allowed to stay and will have the exclusive use of the cottage for their booking;
    1. Individuals; or
    2. Individuals and their partners/spouses; or
    3. A group from within the same household; or
    4. A group from within the same household plus a group from within one other household that forms a social bubble with the first household as outlined in the UK Government Coronavirus Regulations.
Fees will remain at £4 per member night and £6 per non-member night, but there will be a MINIMUM nightly fee per booking of £10.
IMPORTANT: The lock on the Ivy door was removed on 13th July and has been transferred to the outer door of the rope-wash/tackle store. The “normal” entrance to Ivy has been sealed from the inside, and the "Lego-brick" key fob to allow access to the other parts of Bridgend now resides on a hook in the rope-wash area. Access to Ivy Cottage is via the front "porch" door (on the Crown frontage) which has been fitted with a new lock. The key is kept in the porch key-safe with the code issued to bookings a few days before arrival. This key MUST NOT be cut by members for their own use.

2) CAR PARK - Use of Car Park by Campervans (Motorhomes) and Tents:
Up to 2 campervans, and 1 tent, may stay on the car park overnight (tents should be sited on the grassed area by the lean-to shed). The rates will be £2 per person per night whether in campervan or tent, and use of the electrical "hook-up" and the Bridgend toilet will be included. Water for cooking etc should be drawn from the tap in the Rope-wash area. All visits must again be pre-booked via the Cottage Warden and pre-paid via bank transfer or cheque. The Cottage Bookings page on the club web-site will again show the booked and free dates (Red or Yellow bar). No access will be allowed into Ivy Cottage, so please ensure you remember your existing Ivy key to get into Bridgend. The toilet and touch surfaces (eg: handles) must be cleaned with the cleaning materials provided after each use.
3) RIVERSIDE will remain open for bookings (via the Cottage Warden), but to ensure parity with Ivy Cottage rates and allow greater potential availability of all our bed-spaces, the fees will be reduced to £4 per member night and £6 per non-member night, with again a MINIMUM nightly fee per booking of £10. All bookings from 8th July onward will be charged at these new reduced rates, and hence any over-payment (ie: the double rate charge) already made by members with existing bookings will be refunded in the near future. All future bookings at the new "half-rate" must be paid in full at the time of booking.

4) SAFETY & HYGIENE: Members should be aware that no cleaning of the cottages or outhouses will be undertaken between bookings, hence there will be a 72-hour isolation period between any two bookings for both cottages (the Car Park will not require an isolation period between campervan/tent bookings).Therefore it is essential that hard surfaces (eg: worktops) and touch surfaces (eg: handles) are cleaned before leaving with the cleaning materials provided. Members and their guests visiting any part of the Cottages and or Bridgend should ensure they wash their hands more frequently as recommended. Members should be aware that it may now be much busier with more vehicles in the car park and people in the general cottage vicinity, and they should therefore only visit if comfortable with this. “Day” visitors who turn up to use tackle will still be allowed entry to Bridgend but will NOT be allowed to enter the cottages.
Your Committee feels this is the only safe way to start to bring the cottages back into use, and enable members to enjoy the Dales and caving once again in a safe manner, and we hope you will take the opportunity to use them. These TEMPORARY rules will be reviewed as we go forward and as any Government regulation and advice changes.
Thank you.
John Webb
Cottage Warden