1.01 Craven Pothole Cub Ltd recognises the requirements of the Protection of Children Act 1999 (PoCA).

1.02 PoCA includes "children", that is under 16s’ and "young persons", that is young people recognised as children under the act, (further referred to here with equal meaning as "young persons" or “children").

1.03 PoCA takes in sexual, emotional and physical abuse and also "neglect" (which includes all aspects of failure to ensure the safety of a young persons and vulnerable adults).


2.01 Craven Pothole Club Ltd recognises the importance of the welfare of young persons and vulnerable adults and their right to protection from abuse as set out in section 1.00 of this document.

2.02 Craven Pothole Club Ltd recognises its duty of care to young persons and vulnerable adults, for the actions of its trustees, officers & agents.

2.03 Craven Pothole Club Ltd will take all allegations of child abuse seriously and will respond to such allegations quickly.

2.04 Craven Pothole Club Ltd considers that in any caving or mine exploration activity safety of the participants and conservation of the cave is of paramount concern at all times.

2.05 Underlying this it must be borne in mind that Craven Pothole Club Ltd does not proactively promote the participation of young persons or vulnerable adults in caving or mine exploration. It takes this stance for a number of reasons:

  1. caving can often be a strenuous activity requiring a mature physical and mental approach
  2. a working knowledge of weather patterns & limestone hydrology can be vital for safe caving
  3. caves are a strictly limited physical resource that deserve a mature appreciation of their conservation requirements.


The exploration of caves, potholes, mines and other underground features should only be undertaken by individuals or groups with the necessary specialist equipment, training and experience.

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Journal of the Craven Pothole Club

The first CPC Journal in 1932 was the forerunner of a continuous series, which began in 1949 and was published annually, reaching Volume 6, Number 6 in 1985.  This was a high quality A5 letterpress publication with black and white plates and latterly the occasional colour plate.  Many issues contain printed loose-leaf surveys of the Clubs discoveries varying in approximate size between A4 and the A0 Birks Fell Cave Survey.

Back issues available priced at £5 plus postage    


Craven Pothole Club Record (ISSN 1463-6131)

This A4 xerographic publication superseded the Journal in January 1986 and has been published quarterly up to the present day.  The larger format has enabled the Record to fulfil the earlier functions of both the CPC Journal and Newsletters in one publication.
Back issues available priced at £2 plus postage
Record new

Craven Pothole Club Jubilee Publication

This high quality A4 presentation captures 75 years of the club’s history within its 210 pages, illustrated with some 450 black & white images and 22 pages of full colour plates. Five chapters chart detailed accounts our member’s activities both under and above ground from the foundation years in Craven to today’s international caving and mountaineering ventures.
Price: £25 plus postage

Jubilee front cover web

Cave Surveys

We have for sale, original (folded) copies of many of the cave surveys appearing in the Journal and Record.

Prices:  Birks Fell (A0 sheet) - £4, plus postage
            All other sizes - £2, plus postage

Click here to view the list of CPC surveys currently available

To enquire about availability or purchase any of the above contact Dr R A Halliwell


CPC Surveys for Sale




Approx. Size (mm)

Aille River Cave 1968 590 x 460
Birks Fell Cave 1969 1450 x 990
Birks Wood Cave 1960 300 x 210
Antro del Corchia 1967 300 x 420
Bracken Cave, Hubberholme 1970 150 x 210
Caves of County Cork 1968 300 x 420
Caves of Northern Norway 1984 280 x 330
Cherry Tree Hole 1970 580 x 460
Cherry Tree Hole – Far North 1971 470 x 320
Cliffe Force Cave ( 2 sheets) 1981 410 x 290
Cliffe Force Cave – Spar Shop Series 1982 300 x 420
Coppice Cave, Ling Gill 1978 420 x 210
Cueva de Los Tyos, Equador (2 sheets) 1976 430 x 300
Darnbrook Pot 1970 580 x 420
East Pot, Gaping Gill 1986 300 x 210
Foss Gill Cave 1971 150 x 210
Gaping Gill 1966 300 x 420
Gavel Pot, October Series 1970 150 x 210
Ghar Parau 1971-72 650 x 500
Greensett Caves, Wherside 1972 420 x 270
Grotta de Monte Cucco 1970 300 x 550
Lone Ranger Series, Link Pot 1980 445 x 300
Mayday Hole, Newby Moss 1971 150 x 210
Magic Roundabout Series, Lancaster Hole 1973 510 x 350
Mongo Gill North 1959 300 x 420
Northgate Sump, Gaping Gill 1986 150 x 210
Nong River Cave, PNG 1976 430 x 240
Nong River Headwaters, PNG 1976 430 x 240
Norway - Bumperhullet 1971 580 x 360
Norway - Lauknesfjellgrotta 1971 580 x 360
Norway - Kjopsvikgrotta 1971 450 x 490
Norway - Noraldag-Raige 1971 150 x 210
Norway - Osthullet 1971 580 x 370
Otter's Cave, Coverdale 1985 420 x 270
Pillar Holes, Newby Moss 1970 150 x 210
Pollnagollum, County Clare 1953 300 x 420
Poll na Leprechauns, County Lietrim 1968 150 x 210
Providence Pot, upstream sump 1986 150 x 210
Queensbury Avens, Gaping Gill 1987 300 x 210
Rat Hole, Gaping Gill 1984 420 x 260
Roaring Well, Tipperary 1978 410 x 300
Robinsons Pot, Darnbrook 1975-77 300 x 420
Robin Hoods Cave, Kilnsey 1971 300 x 210
Rowentree Cave 1978 300 x 380
Scrafton Pot 1968 590 x 440
Sellgill Hole 1973 520 x 460
Slanting Cave 1972 450 x 470
Spout Tunnel, Gaping Gill 1976 400 x 300
Stump Cross – Mongo Gill 1964 970 x 380
Su Bentu, Sardinia 1980 650 x 500
Washfold Pot 1971 450 x 510
Water Gill Cave 1969 150 x 210
Yew Cogar Hole 1972 470 x 420

The Craven Pothole Club runs caving meets once or twice a month. These are publicised via the meets card and on this web site and inform cavers of the type of cave, how it will be rigged, either on ladder or SRT (Single Rope Technique), and its difficulty. We arrange novice meets to allow newcomers to experience the underground world with the knowledge that they are being led by experienced cavers.

Club members regularly arrange extra trips either to go caving, including “digging” to look for new caves, walking, skiing, cycling (on and off-road), mountaineering, climbing, open-water and cave diving. We use camping facilities and bunk-houses all over the country to enable these activities and a certain amount of after activity suppin’ goes on.

In addition to the Club’s published caving diary, we have walking and cycling meets in The Yorkshire Dales, The Lake District, Scotland and Wales. We encourage participation at every level including the families of our members.

Descending Gaping Gill
Descending Gaping Gill

Expeditions are arranged to enable members to cave worldwide. The most recent trips have been to China, New Zealand, France and Spain, to explore known caves and search for new ones. Previously members have organised or participated in caving expeditions to Iran, Ecuador, New Guinea, New Britain, Borneo, Morocco, Canada, the USA and many parts of Europe.