The Craven Pothole Club welcomes fellow cavers to our summer meet which is spread over two weeks. During the meet the Estate has delegated supervision of access to the system to CPC.

The system is open to visiting cavers for the public week.

The winch down to the main chamber provides a good starting point for trips not needing SRT. If you wish to go across Mud Hall cows tails are required. Please tell the booking in tent your plans.

During the meet some of the other entrances to the system will be rigged for SRT. If you need advice about routes, entrances etc....ask!

You are welcome to rig other entrances with your own ropes if you wish, but let us know your plans.

Only competent cavers with appropriate experience and equipment may access the alternative entrances to the system. You are required to have BCA insurance (or equivalent).

If you choose to use our rigging it is on the understanding that this entirely at the users own risk and the usual checks and precautions you would take with any trip are required.

Any existing rigging must not be tampered with. If you have concerns about the rigging (damage etc) please inform the booking in tent.

Cavers entering the system using any of the alternative entrances must sign in (and out) with the booking-in tent. You are expected to leave a call-out time when booking in.

Descents / ascents of routes directly into the Main Chamber (Main Shaft / Dihedral / Rat Hole, etc.) are not permitted.

Anyone who wishes to use the winch to enter or (decides while underground to) exit the system is expected to book in, pay the usual fee and collect a numbered bracelet.