General Data Protection Regulations

On May 28th 2018 a new set of Data Protection regulations will come into force. This will affect how the club stores and uses your personal information. Personal Information includes name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth etc. We have one main use for this data:- to enable “The Record” and other club items e.g. AGM papers to be sent out.
In addition we are required to send name and addresses to the BCA for our caving insurance. Also the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) require us to send details of our shareholders – that’s all of you members!!
These uses are necessary to run the club and carry out our legal obligations.

In addition we also make available a membership list and compile the “Rogues Gallery” of notable miscreants. These last uses now require us to have your active permission to include your details in them. In the past this permission was assumed but in future it must be actively given. This shouldn’t be an onerous task, accessing the online membership list on the website should be sufficient for members to give/withdraw this permission, or if you’ve definitively forgotten your password, an email or letter to the Secretary or IT Guru will have the same effect.
We also run an email list to keep members in touch – every email from the list contains a link to allow members to unsubscribe from it.

We are required to make a statement of our Privacy Policy on our website. The current version of that is on the home page in the "footer" section.

To summarise:- we would like you to give/withdraw your consent for
    1. (Personal Data) - sharing your personal data with other members i.e. the membership list.
    2. (Historic Data) - sharing historic data (name, date of joining, date of leaving) for the “Rogues Gallery”.
    3. (BCA Data) – sharing your gender/email address with the BCA.
To attempt to maintain consistency with current practice the Personal Data consent is set to ‘YES’, Historic Data consent to ‘YES’ and BCA Data consent to ‘NO’.
Changing your consents can be done either by an email to the secretary or by logging onto the website membership list and setting your preferences there.