1950 to 1959

1950 Poetic Justice and Eureka Junction were discovered and the connection was made between the Upper Easegill System and Lancaster Hole.

1951 Easter Grotto was discovered in Easegill. The Oxford Pot Entrance to Easegill became impassable and Rosy Sink was opened as an alternative. Maskhill Mine was connected to Oxlow Caverns. Lewis Railton and Bill Little were trapped in OFD 1 for 58 hours. The CRO were asked to assist in OFD, this was the their first call out to “foreign parts”.

1952 County Pot entrance was dug out. Top Sink entrance was dug out and connected into the Easegill System. The Derbyshire CRO was established.

1953 The longest cave dive in Britain was made when P Davies and J Buxton dived a total distance of 244m in Clapham Beck Head. Geoff Workman spent two weeks alone down Gaping Gill; long stays underground had not been attempted before this time. Tunnel Cave was discovered near DYO. St Cuthbert’s Swallet was discovered on Mendip. The first edition of Britain Underground was published. Doolin Cave, Co Clare, was first entered by the UBSS.

1954 The CPC discovered Dowber Gill Passage and dug into Providence Pot. Balcombe attempted to dive Swildon’s Sump 3. Backwash Sump was passed by dam building and bailing to give a major extension of Giants Hole.

1955 Providence Pot was connected to Dowber Gill by the CPC. Bob Davies dived with an aqualung and reached a depth of 22m in the Skeleton Pit in Gough’s Cave. He then went to Wookey with the intention of pushing beyond Wookey 11, the limit for bottom walking. Unfortunately he nearly came to grief when he dived without a line; at the time the blame was placed on the fact that he was using an aqualung and fins and the divers of the day turned against this equipment.

1956 Following an invitation to the CRG, Bob Powell (CPC) and Nick Pratchett (BPC) were invited to join the International Expedition which reached Sump I in the Gouffre Berger; the first cave to be pushed to over 1000m deep. The Mendip Cave Registry was formed

1957 The exploration of Hammer Pot by the NPC set a new standard for perseverance in pushing a severely tight pothole. Discovery of Magnetometer Pot after using a magnetometer to find the railway lines covering the hidden shaft top. The Blue Pencil dig in Swildon’s was successful and allowed access by non-divers into the further reaches. The first edition of Caves of Mendip was published. There was a major rescue of 6 students who were trapped by floodwaters while attempting to complete the Providence Pot to Dow Cave through trip. Hereford Caving Club discovered major extensions in Agen Allwedd making it one of Britain’s longest caves.

1958 The CPC completed their survey of Stump Cross Caverns. Echo Pot was explored by the NPC. Herbert Ernest Balch, pioneer Mendip Caver, died.

1959 Knotlow Cavern was dug open. Neil Moss died in Peak Cavern after 3 days of attempts to rescue him. Digging was started at Priddy Green Sink.