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In this part of the website you can update your contact details, search for other members, check the cottage rules, find our Cave Permission and Access information, reset your password or access the Rogues Gallery. The current cottage bookings can be seen on the public bookings calendar.

New Features

Back copies of The Record - from number 81 onward (Low Resolution copies) plus the cumulative index are now available in the  CPC Record area.

A list of Cave Surveys held in the library is available in the members menu

Important Notices

The Committee of the CPC asks the membership to respect people's privacy and not to give out this information freely - this is for members' use only.

If you make a change to your details which you would like to be recorded in the Record (for the benefit of those members without internet access), please email the change to the Secretary.

A new set of Data Protection regulations come into force on the 28th May 2018. These require the club to gain your consent to any sharing of your personal data. Please read the description of the changes here. The Data Protection Policy is now available at the foot of the "home" page and both the description and the full policy will be printed in the April 2018 Record.

To Come

Search for books in the library database.

View the Rhodes Glass Lantern Slide collection.

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New Features

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